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KG Utilities

We Offer a Range of
Services to Meet Your Needs


Our expertise extends to both overhead and underground electrical transmission, encompassing the installation of steel poles and foundations nationwide. With our seasoned team, we confidently execute a wide array of projects.

Power Delivery 

Our capabilities include the installation of deep drilled pier foundations and vibratory caissons. We have amassed significant experience in slurry drilling and rock drilling techniques. Our extensive portfolio includes foundation projects in marshy terrains and densely populated urban areas.

Foundation Drilling

Storms can inflict widespread power outages, leaving countless individuals in the dark. In such critical situations, swift and dedicated action is imperative to expedite the power restoration process and assist the affected community.

Storm Restoration

We work effetely to maintain streetlights through Texas. Working safely is our goal when performing this operation. We are focused on every detail as we maintain streetlights for customers and residents. 

Street Lighting

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